February 4: David McFarlane and Jeremy Gray. E-Prime vs. PsychoPy.

February 18: Jonathan Hakun. I Wish I Didn't See That: Disrupting Bound Features in Visual Working Memory.

March 18: David Zhu et al. The Dynamically Changing Default-Mode Network Functional Connectivity after Concussion in Sports.

April 1: Jodene Fine. FMRI of Social Video Vignettes in Children with Social Deficits.

April 15: Matt Latourette. MR Research Calendar.

April 29: Soo-Eun Chang. Examining brain networks supporting fluent speech production: Resting state fMRI and DTI tractography investigations in children 3-10 years old.

May 13: Issidoros Sarinopoulos. fMRI study of food choice: preliminary results.