MRI and fMRI Research Seminar Series (Spring 2008)
Meeting Location: Radiology Board Room (Room 162). 
Date  Time Lead Presenter Affiliation Title/Topic
01/16/08 12 PM to 1 PM Everyone MSU General Meeting: Introduction, agenda and etc
01/23/08 12 PM to 1 PM J. Kevin DeMarco, M.D. Radiology Carotid Plaque Imaging
01/30/08 12 PM to 1 PM Andrea Bozoki, M.D. Neurology and Radiology Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the limbic system in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.
02/06/08 12 PM to 1 PM Jie Huang, Ph.D. Radiology Prevention of Visual Stress and Migraine with Precision Spectral Filters
02/13/08 12 PM to 1 PM Issidoros Sarinopoulos, Ph.D. Psychology Exploring the Power of Expectancy and Emotional Processing Mechanisms in the Human Brain 
02/20/08 12 PM to 1 PM Ronald Meyer, Ph.D. Physiology and Radiology How Drinking Stuff Reveals Things about fMRI?
02/27/08 12 PM to 1 PM Susan Ravizza, Ph.D. Psychology Oddballs or phonemes:  Cognitive neuroscientific studies of the phonological store 
03/05/08 Spring Break, no meeting      
03/12/08 12 PM to 1 PM David Zhu, Ph.D. Psychology and Radiology An fMRI and DTI Study of Age Effects on Frontal-Striatal Neural Circuit Functions
03/19/08 12 PM to 1 PM Taosheng Liu, Ph.D. Psychology Neural mechanisms of feature-based attention
03/26/08 12 PM to 1 PM Tom Carr, Ph.D. Psychology fMRI
04/02/08 12 PM to 1 PM Jill Slade, Ph.D Radiology To be arranged
04/09/08 12 PM to 1 PM Matthew Husband, Ph.D. student Linguistic, and David Zhu's fMRI class fMRI
04/16/08 12 PM to 1 PM Shantanu Majumdar, Ph.D. student Electrical and Computer Engineering DTI optimization algorithm
04/23/08 12 PM to 1 PM (Room 139) Peg Semrud-Clikeman, Ph.D. Psychology and Psychiatry fMRI
05/21/08 12 PM to 1 PM Jim Siebert Radiology Clinical R2* quantitation & CDC autism grant project