MRI and fMRI Research Seminar Series (Fall 2008)
Meeting Location: Radiology Board Room (Room 162) unless specified
Organizer: David C. Zhu, Ph.D., email:
Date Time Lead Presenters Affiliation Title/Topic
9/4/2008 (Thursday) 2 PM to 3 PM Jim Dulebohn, PhD, Donald E. Conlon, PhD, Issidoros Sarinopoulos, PhD, Robert B. Davison, Gerry McNamara PhD. Human Resources and Labor Relations, Management and Psychology The Biological Bases of Unfairness: fmri evidence for the Distinctiveness of Procedural and Distributive Justice
9/11/2008 (Thursday) 2 PM to 3 PM Tom Cooper, JD, MBA and MSEE Radiology Q and A Section on MRI and fMRI Research Support
10/2/2008 (Thursday) 2 PM to 3 PM Tom Carr, PhD Psychology The phenomenology of being in control of one's actions:Where might we find it in the brain?
10/13/2008 (Monday) 3 PM to 4 PM David C. Zhu, PhD Psychology & Radiology Apply Resting-state fMRI and FDG-PET to Understand the Neural Networks Affected by Alzheimerís Disease
10/27/2008 (Monday) 3 PM to 4 PM Mat Reeves, PhD Epidemiology Power Calculation in Grant Applications
11/10/2008 (Monday) 3 PM to 4 PM Tony Pease, DVM Animal Clinical Sciences fMRI on Pigs
11/20/2008 (Thursday) 2 PM to 3 PM (Class room) Issidoros Sarinopoulos (Sid), PhD Psychology Empathy Study with fMRI
11/24/2008 (Monday) 3 PM to 4 PM Jim Siebert, MS Radiology Clinical R2* quantitation & CDC autism grant project